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Beta Colony

Beta Colony

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Beta Colony


In Beta Colony, you play as one of five Directors working to create prosperous colonies. If you earn the most Confidence Points (CP), you will be elected as the first leader of Victus. Players will collect the needed building materials to produce and erect colonization pods – Defense Stations, Science and Tech Towers, Living Quarters, Agriculture Pods, and Water Treatment Centers – on the varied terrain of Victus.

Using a unique "rolldell" mechanism (dice + rondel), Beta Colony is a mid-weight strategic game for players of all levels. Each round, the start player rolls their set of four colored dice. All other players duplicate that roll with their own dice. Players take two actions each round, one action at a time in turn order, with each action using two dice. Players will use one die to move and one die to activate the location to which they moved. Die color and value affect how each of the seven unique locations are used. Players will build colonization pods at each of three colonies to gain the confidence of the settlers and lead them to glory!

2-4 players
Ages 14+
30-60 minute play time

Game board
Round marker
5 Player markers
16 Player markers
16 Artifact markers
16 Dice
9 Cycle tiles
30 Fuel markers
60 Crew markers
16 Artifact markers
4 Player spaceships
Start player marker
8 Cultural achievements
8 Cultural achievement tiles
40 Colonization pod tiles

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