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Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time

Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time

SKU: 752830299481

Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time


The tabletop adaptation of the famous mobile tower defense game is coming to retail with a base game and two epic expansions!

The game is fully co-operative and offers both individual scenarios, an infinite replay-ability mode, and a unique campaign. In the campaign, each new scenario is more challenging than the one before it, introducing formidable foes, game-changing events, and epic bosses to battle!

The base game contains gorgeous 28mm hero minis alongside giant 50mm and 80mm boss minis! With over 130 polyomino tiles, 44 tower cards, 80 different horde cards, and a plethora of tokens, trays, boards, and markers, this box is bursting with content!

Players command Heroes, which each come with a gorgeous miniature and hero board of variable unique powers. By building or upgrading Towers and placing polyomino pieces and using their Hero to attack enemies, players work together to hold back the ever-advancing horde.

1-4 players
Ages 10+
45-90 minute play time

22 double-sided path boards
12 wooden Soldier meeples
68 tokens
130 polyomino damage tiles
44 Tower cards
80 Horde cards
Hero sets:
4 28mm miniatures
1 Wildcat smaller miniature for Alleria
4 Hero boards
4 Activation cards
8 Special Action tiles
Boss sets:
2 80mm miniatures
1 50mm miniature
3 reference cards
3 Boss decks
24 plastic Tower markers
8 plastic Horde trays
4 Reference cards
Spell cards
Special Action tiles
50x25cm Level Map
60 removable star stickers
Iron Challenge stickers
1 Scenario booklet
1 Rulebook

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