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Thorgal: The Board Game

Thorgal: The Board Game

SKU: 5902560386837

Thorgal: The Board Game is a cooperative storybook adventure game for 1-4 players aged 14+ designed by Joanna Kijanka, Jan Maurycy, and Rafał Szyma. Players take on the roles of Thorgal, his wife Aaricia, their son Jolan, and Kriss—a deadly female warrior—, and go on a series of adventures.

The game consists of 7 stand-alone scenarios, each taking roughly 90-120 minutes of play.


Scenarios do not form a campaign nor have any legacy features, so they can be played by different playgroups and over an extended period of time.


Thorgal: The Board Game comes with a book of maps. Each scenario is played on a different map that players explore while fulfilling scenario goals and promises completely different adventures, hidden opportunities, and vivid characters. Players are free to choose whether they travel in one group or split to cover more areas at the same time. They also perform side quests that might help them win a scenario.


Reelease: 5/1/2024

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