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Sat, May 06


Voss Media

Local Spotlight Playtest TTRPG: Ashland

Local Spotlight we are playtesting a TTRPG Ashland. 2D20 System

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Local Spotlight Playtest TTRPG: Ashland
Local Spotlight Playtest TTRPG: Ashland

Time & Location

May 06, 2023, 1:00 PM

Voss Media, 180 W Michigan Ave Suite D, Galesburg, MI 49053, USA

About the event

Local Spotlight we are playtesting a TTRPG Ashland.

2D20 System


In 2123, the population of the Earth was 11,172,648,747 people. Three hundred years later, there are just over 110,450,000 on the entire planet. Less than 1% of us remain in a broken and dying world.

The Blaze-

No one knows what exactly happened, or how it was even possible, but something caused every super-volcano on the planet to erupt simultaneously. The details were lost when civilization collapsed and the world of the 21st Century ceased to exist.

The world was first plunged into a conflagration of fire that swept across the planet and incinerated more than 90% of plant and animal life, to say nothing of the billions of souls that perished during and after the fires. The sun was blotted out by great clouds of ash, and black rain fell from the sky like the very tears of God to poison the already dying landscape.

The Great Winter Night descended on the Earth as global temperatures plunged for over a decade, and darkness deeper than midnight descended. Glaciers devoured what was once Canada, Greenland, and the Scandinavian nations. What was left of the Great Lakes was swallowed up in a tomb of ice, and the Earth slowly froze in the silence of that long, black night. Time passed, and the sun began to shine through as the clouds of ash were scoured by the atmosphere, revealing a blasted and desolate landscape nearly unrecognizable by the few who had survived The Blaze and the winter night that followed.

Ocean levels dropped by nearly a mile worldwide as temperatures soared due to the heat that was trapped by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and water evaporated over the next century and a half. Much of the world had become a wasteland of acidic water, poisoned marshlands that were once seas, searing deserts of volcanic ash and rock, and the stubborn plants and trees that were being reborn from the ashes but were twisted by the sulfuric acid rains that still fell from an unforgiving sky.

If you are interested in playtesting Ashland please join us May 6th @ 1 pm for this Local Spotlight Playtest event.

*To support our local talent this event is free for everyone.*

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