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Frequently Asked Questions

This page will help you find all the answers you seek. It will also give you some key insight into Voss Media Board Game Cafe. 


If we do not have your questions below please feel free to email us any questions you may have as we would love to speak to you and help you better understand who and what we are.

What are you exactly? 

Voss Media Board Game Cafe is a friendly, fun gaming venue in beautiful Galesburg Michigan. Our private gaming lounge serves dedicated gamers. Our tables cater to families and friends looking to relax, lounge, and just have fun gaming together after school and into the evening. Lounge with friends and enjoy our snacks and sodas. Unplug with friends and find your next favorite board game. We have a retail shop, that has the largest selection in Southwest Michigan of board games, RPG and Role Playing Games Accessories, Card Collecting Games, Trading Card Games, Hobby Supplies, and many more products.  Warning: At Voss Media Board Game Cafe you may find yourself distracted from your phone, creating memories, and listening to spoken words. 

What is a Board Game Cafe? 

A Board Game Cafe is a concept that is becoming extremely popular in North America. The basic idea is to bring back everyone's favorite pastime of playing board games, face-to-face in a friendly environment while offering a variety of drinks and tasty snacks. We have a very large library of games that is always growing that are also available to play at a nominal fee. So come and play. 

What do you sell? 

We have the largest collection of board games for sale as well as hobby supplies, card collecting games, trading card games, roleplaying games and supplies, and many other items. We also have a small collection of toys and collectibles. Most of which you can find here on our site however we always enjoy your company. 

What is the cost to just come and play?

Just $5 dollars is our stay and play charge that gives you access to our library of games and a seat at a table. This minimal charge is to help our library grow and keep growing as well as keep these games clean and in fun condition. This fee covers the full day so stay and play as long as you want. We also have memberships for you and your family. Please visit our membership page or stop in for pricing.

Do I need a table reservation? 

No, you don't have to have a reservation to come and play. In fact, you may find a new friend by joining a game that flies our joinable table flag. However, if you want to reserve a specific table or room it's best you call ahead or reserve for your slot so we can make sure you have a spot just for you and your party. 

Can I bring my own food? 

Absolutely! Because we are not a full-scale cafe as of yet, you can bring in food. Order a pizza from our local partners or bring in something to eat. You can also leave and get something and return to play. We do have snacks and drinks however we are all gamers and understand you need more substance in long gaming hours. We only ask that you keep your area clean and please respect the pieces and game you play by not sharing your food with them. 

How do I find a game I want to play? 

We have an ever-growing selection of games, we also have a very helpful staff that will find the perfect fit for you. If you are having a hard time finding a specific game, or just want a suggestion, ask us  and we would love to help. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for we can order it for you and add it to our "want for our library" list. You may also bring any game in with you from your collection. If you purchase a game from our store you get a free day pass to use anytime. 

Can I bring my own games?

Absolutely! Our mission is to provide a warm, welcoming space for folks to game. The minimal charge for the seat and table will still apply, grab a drink or a snack to help us keep the lights on! 

Do you have events? 

Oh YES! We are currently working on events and love to talk shop with anyone that has a great idea. Currently in the works for daily events are Game Social Saturday, Miniatures Monday, Workshop Wednesday, Thursday Night Commander, and many other great ideas we plan to bring to your week. Keep an eye on our calendar and follow us on Facebook for all the updates and events. We also have planned for many D&D playgroups. You can also set up your own event for us to promote. We can't wait to share with you what we have in store. 

Can I do a Private Party? 

We would love to host your private party or event. We also have specials for weekly D&D groups. You can host it in the main area or rent a room of your very own. We can work with your schedule, even during off-hours. Just hit us up and let's discuss how we can make your game night a hit. 

Are Kids Allowed?

For sure! All we ask is that kids under 12 are accompanied by an adult. (all unattended minors will be taught how to play our most expensive game, so they will bug you day and night to buy it for them, you don't want that). We only ask that our tables, games, and area are treated with care so others may enjoy our collection and gaming experience. 

Do you teach games? 

We currently have not played every game in our collection so we don't know them all and my memory is suspect. However, we have other ways to easily learn games. If time allows we can assign you a game master that will be happy to learn the game with you and help you along the way. If we are busy we have a tablet that will allow you to watch the game being played on Youtube, we also have a smart TV that we can tune to show you a tutorial if the game allows. (most do) 

Play, Have Fun, Repeat..

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