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King of the Creepies

King of the Creepies

SKU: 827714012965

King of the Creepies


After a vicious battle, only two gladiators remain standing in the arena. You hear the crowd chant your name. Today everyone will remember the name Hanniball the Cannonball. Even though your health is low, you are confident, you are a fearless ball of sharp-toothed rage.

Your opponent plays Spikes, Spikes Everywhere to try and eliminate you in one shot. Unfortunately for them, you have I’m Rubber, You’re Glue already set as a trap. In one fell blow, you crush their last hope for victory.

The crowd begins to roar but you can barely hear it, all you care about is the Victory Crystal. “One more” you think… One more is all you can think about, and you can finally call yourself “The King of the Creepies.”

In King of the Creepies you and 5 other combatants must fight to earn Victory Crystals. Smash your foes with powerful attacks. Subvert them with sneaky tricks. Make others fight for you with bribes they just can’t refuse. Spend your winnings on Gear and Abilities to help you become the ultimate warrior. Gamble, Fight, and Bribe your way to claim the title of King of the Creepies!

24 Modifier Tokens
45 $1 Monies Tokens
28 $5 Monies Tokens
17 $10 MoniesTokens
6 Victory Trackers
6 Health Trackers
52 Goodie Cards
30 Creepie Cards
45 Ability Cards
15 Mischief Cards
15 Goal Cards
13 Six-Sided Dice
6 Player Mats

2-6 players
Ages 12+
30-60 minute play time

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